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Protecting Seniors from Financial Exploitation

 A Note from your President


There is a reason that 90% of the Registered Representatives that have joined my firm are still with me, today. There is also a reason; the that majority of those Reps that have left us simply retired. When Reps join World Capital Brokerage they tend to spend the rest of their careers with us.

Since 1958, World Capital Brokerage has prided ourselves on providing our Reps with the best service possible. It's a very simple business model and a very effective one. Honestly, we make our money by you making money. While other companies nickel and dime you by charging you monthly association fees and monthly technology fees, we do not. We are to busy giving you the support and technology you need to help grow and strengthen your business to worry about monthly fees.

We recognize that your clients are just that. They are YOUR clients. We do not capture clients nor do we sneak non-compete clauses into your contract. Yes we are that confident in our services. We do not tell you what to sell, how much to sell, or when to sell it. We do not pretend to know your business or your clients. We do what every Broker/ Dealer should do; our seasoned staff concerns themselves with helping you stay within the regulatory guidelines and leave your clients to you.

I am confident that once you join us and get settled in you will be a member of our family for a very, very long time! Myself, Patrick and Victoria are always here to talk to you about World Capital Brokerage and what we can do to help you grow, and strengthen your business. If you're ready to join a firm that offers low no-nonsense fees while giving you a higher take home pay and practices "common sense" compliance give us a call at 888-742-0631 or 303-626-0631 anytime.

Timothy E. Taggart


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